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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. students at a bay area high school are dealing with the loss of one of their own. the teen died after suffering a brain hemorrhage while lifting weights at a local gym just last week. nbc bay area's kristi smith joins us live from walnut creek, the high school where the community is shocked by the sudden death. >> reporter: good morning. from opinions paprincipals, tea
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students, they are shocked. they are hearing stories about asomeone who makes people lava great competitor. he died of a brain aneurysm tuesday. today friends are posting facebook tributes to the 18-year-old. he was working out last week in the city and collapsed. he was rushed to the medical center and had surgery days later. this is a huge blow. students are signing condolence posters at the school. he was from uzbekistan and went to school there from 2009, fairly new to the country. he was part of a tight-knit group on the wrestling team and english learners on campus. i just spoke with one of his friends. >> we are all shocked. mostly people cry or whatever. everyone is shocked.
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all we can do is be there for his family. now that he's gone i'm going to miss him that much. >> you know they are grieving. we can take lessons on how to do it. they are out there. they get it out. it's hard for them at the same time because they are coming toward the end of school. we have finals coming up. also with their limited life experience, sometimes it's hard for them to put something like this into -- to completely understand it. >> reporter: the principal sent home a letter he shared with us explaining the loss. counselors are here for students who might need to talk about this. he also had two brothers and one of them goes to school here. there's also a memorial fund said up for amir's family at chase bank. donations can also be dropped off at the school office. reporting live in walnut creek, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, kristi, thanks. a palo alto man under arrest
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accused of brutally murdering a family of four halfway across the world. 20-year-old kevin dahlgren was arrested at dulles airport near washington, d.c. late last night. authorities release this photo taken from his facebook page. police in the czech republic say dahlgren fled the country after firefighters found the bodies of the family inside a burning home in the city of bruno. he was reportedly related to the family and had been staying with them for just three weeks. czech authorities want him extradited back to the czech republic to stand trial. authorities say two men have been arguesed on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft after an incident on a civilian plane from pakistan to england. a military plane diverted the plane carrying 300 passengers. it was originally supposed to have landed in manchester.
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two men arrested and removed from the plane. they are bracing for copy cat terror attacks after the brutal killing of the young soldier. they are also preparing for clashes with right wing extremists in response to the killing. police say more than 1,000 officers will be sent to potential trouble spots with armed response units. meanwhile the family of the british soldier killed in the attack, they are paying tribute to the man who just returned home from the tour of duty in afghanistan. >> our hearts ripped out and everyone is struggling to cope with this tragedy. >> you don't expect it. >> you don't expect it. >> a total of four people have been arrested in connection with that murder. at least 22 aftershocks have been recorded following an earthquake in far northeastern california that was felt as far away as san francisco and in two other states. there have been no reports, though, of serious injury or damage. this right here is surveillance
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video from a grocery store near the epicenter in greeneville. officials say the magnitude 5.7 quake broke dishes, shook mirrors when it hit last night. one one in sacramento was injured after she reportedly fountain downstairs when the quake heat. we are learning new details about the bridge collapse in washington state. investigators say a truck carrying an oversized load hit part of the bridge and that caused the collapse on i-5. a section of the span gave way. with it went two vehicles straight into that water below. as chris daniels shows us, it's going to be a while before anyone else crosses the river again. >> this the major freeway through washington state connecting the canadian border down to the mexican border. it is disconnected because of the wreckage and the trucks are still in the water here after officials here in washington state say that a truck plowed into a part of the span. all of this happened around 7:00
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last night. as that part of the span came down, a couple of trucks came down with it. three people were thrown into the water, all rescued and taken to safety, including dan. >> when i felt the water rushing in and i kind of came back to situational awareness, looking around, when you looked at all the carnage of the metal and stuff around you, i assumed that was it at that point. there was no hope. that's what i was thinking. but here i stand. thank god. >> reporter: authorities here in washington state are interviewing that truckdriver they believe is responsible for this collapse. washington's governor is warning people this morning that the delays and detours could last well past the memorial day weekend. i'm chris daniels reporting in burlington washington sht for nbc news. >> back here in the bay area, new video just into our newsroom. take a look at this. a pickup truck ended up in someone's backyard. this is happening in livermore.
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officers say the driver suffered a medical issue and then just flew off the boulevard at 9:00 this morning. as you can see the truck ended up on its side. it crashed through an outdoor fireplace before doing so. crews had to work quickly to free the driver from the truck. amazingly she's just fine but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. no one else was hurt in that crash. three people in the hospital after a car slammed into a light pole at the intersection in san jose. firefighters had to cut into the car to get one woman out. it's unclear how the crash happened or how the three victims are doing this morning. a san francisco bag ank handler has a date with a judge after he was arrested for stealing from passenger's checked luggage. 45-year-old george reyez is out on bail. he works for united airlines at sfo. investigators say he was caught in a police sting stealing ipads and purses from luggage.
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the airline began investigating reyez after getting more than 50 complaints from passengers who reported stolen items. officers say he is cooperating with police. reyez is due back in court on june 5th to enter a plea. a follow-up now to an investigative unit exclusive. will restaurants in silicon valley be graded? the newly formed advisory group met yesterday to talk about changing santa clara county's inspection system. it comes after our hidden camera investigation revealed many restaurants are violateing a state law. it stays, if a customer asks to see an inspection report, they have to show it. because of that reporting the county formed an advisory group consisting of restaurant owners to consumers to evaluate grading systems. they met for the first time yesterday to talk about positives and negatives of scoring systems and how it would affect you, restaurants and the county. >> the public needs to be protected. it's very important. >> when other restaurants see other restaurants getting
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positive grades, they are going to want to attain that. again, i think it's a win-win for the public. >> the advisory group meets again next month to look at specific scoring systems that may work for silicon valley. ultimately the board of supervisors will decide whether to approve a grading system. still to come, the bay area's newest millionaire. what the san jose city college student plans to do with the $2 million prize he won from last week's powerball drawing. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell, live with a very small but bright future of satellite technology. that story coming up. obama care comes to california with a surprising price tag. we'll take a look coming up in business news. and all that sunshine we have out there for you this friday, it's free, but we've got major changes headed our way. showers on memorial day. i'll time out that system to your doorstep when we come right back on nbc bay area.
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welcome back. nasa's administrator is on the peninsula getting a firsthand look at what the agencies ames research has to offer. bob redell joins us live from moffett field with a look at the high-tech stuff they have going on there. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. we're at one of the buildings where a scientist just gave a tour. they are showing this brand-new lab. i say brand-new, only three months old and only opened up here. it's a lab where they build nanosatellites. when i'm talking about nanosatellites, this right here is called a chip, they will be launching these in the fall. costs $25 bucks to make. on this obviously you've got the solar sun that powers it.
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it's got a computer, semaybe ev a microwave oven. they are only $25 bucks, low cost and it will be up in the atmosphere taking measurements. this is a long way from 10 years ago when it would have been the size of a refrigerator. see how much the law is taking effect here. one thing unique, using newer technology to create things. 3d printer here to make cubes. getting these type of shapes. matt reyez with the lab, i'm just curious, this is where we're at. where are we going to be eventually? >> this is -- the current state of technology is this plastic material. this is just one method of manufacturing we have here at the center. i think what we'll do is we'll
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see these machines advance so astronauts can manufacture things in space but we'll start with the designs in this shop. >> that is the satellite or the box for the satellite. >> exact shape, a cube sat. a one-inch cube sat. this is a replica, considered a test model to fit other kinds of payload or sensors or anything you would want to use in space. >> walk over here. talk about putting 3d printers in space. a prototype of a 3d printer right here. it's this silver box right here, martinez. they are talking about putting this stuff up on the space station. they could actually recycle plastic on the space station. i don't know if they have an old toothbrush or plastic bag with turnout, create different parts like this. sometimes in space you need to fix things. they can replace parts in space. they can design them in space. i don't know if instead of using
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duct tape they could find plastic. did i explain that properly? over here there are some other satellites. these are nanosatellites, nanophone sats. off the shelf parts. >> these would be the real -- the traditional metal version of cube sats. in this one you can see nasa installed a cell phone. that's an old nexus one touchscreen smartphone that has all the computer components and sensors to be able to control this satellite inflight in space. another novel thing you'll see, you're able to communicate with this using an antenna and measuring tape. >> some photos up here taking by phone sats. i guess what i'm getting at, you know we have big satellites up there now, tv we broadcast flat transmissions, do you see a day it will be like this? >> if you imagine the larger satellites are costly, heavy to launch, have a lot of electronics to build, these small cube sats, you can launch
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very many usingocity shelf components at low prices and many at once, so you can reduce the cost of operating in space dramatically. that's our big focus here, reduce the cost to the taxpayer. >> start next month, marla, send your own satellite in space and have a camera watching you and your home, your own private security system. it only costs $10,000. >> that's great. >> everyone has got a smartphone, someday everyone will have a satellite. i'm just predicting the future. that would that will probably be right after robots take over. >> these here, before the robots take over will be a better monitor the climate and upper atmosphere a lot better. these smaller satellites are super cheap and you can distribute a lot. it's a highly capable device. >> thanks, matt. appreciate it these guys, they are launching in the fall on a rocket. >> very cool. as i say, big things come in
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small packages. interesting things, bob. the state of california just became the first to set up a health care system under the so-called obama care rules. there's a big surprise, health care is going to be far cheaper than most experts expected. scott mcgrew said it's a huge boost for the president's plan. >> reporter: good morning. there has been all kind of talk about how expensive obama care will be. here we are the largest and most expensive state in the u.s. and looks like it will be okay. health care insurance was ridiculously complicated. the bottom line, california making very little money, say 150% of the poverty line, someone who didn't get health care from his or her employer would pay as little as $44 a month for the so-called silver plan of the federal mandated health care. more than 4 million californians have no health insurance
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whatsoever. your takeaway, obama care is not as costly as the most neutral of experts said it would be. i wanted to call your attention to this. it's an event in san francisco. an open house, a tech shop on saturday on howard near the moscone center. you can walk through and see the devices. tech shop is sort of like a gym for makers. you've got welding, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 machines that you're free to use with a membership just like the gym. san jose and menlo park have locations. those locations will be open later. san francisco this saturday, stop by, it's very cool. >> the makers gym, thanks. the san jose man who won $2 million in the latest powerball drawing is talking about his newfound wealth. look at him, 22-year-old michael garcia is a student at san jose city college. he went to the 7-eleven.
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when he figured out he matched five out of six, he wasn't sure how much it was worth. >> me and my brother went there. we scanned it. it was $2.3 million. oh, wow. i'm still going to work hard. instead of getting my bs and cs i was getting because i was working full time and going to school straight time, i'll get straight as, because i won't have to work. >> he says he won't go on a big spending spree. he's going to buy his mom a new car and help friends pay for college. a people want to get outdoors, we made it to friday, that's good enough. a live look, san francisco, the bay, a little bit choppy. that flag getting quite a bit of pickup. we salute all the men and women that served this great country and we remember them as well. we have showers headed our way
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that could definitely impact your plan. stick around, get to that forecast. right now 62 in napa, 61 san francisco. take you to the south bay where it's comfortable in san jose. cooler than average. we're going to remain cooler than average as we head into that holiday weekend. 61 in san francisco. no flight delays there, trying to get out of town. for the weekend, can tell you right now, new york city as well as boston, we're expecting quite a few delays as we head throughout the next couple days with a potent weather system in the northeast and midwest. keep that in mind. overall we're going to see cool conditions, showers move in, winds continue to relax. they are going to continue to as we head through the overnight hours. highs are comfortable, 71 fremont, 61 in san francisco. if you're headed to the city this weekend, it's going to be comfortable out there until monday. 55 with a little drizzle on the way for memorial day. the best beach santa cruz 4:00 p.m. up to 70. still fog and drizzle. lets talk showers. all this green moves in as we head to the second half of
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monday. set the clock to 6:00 p.m., showers in sonoma county until 6:00. start that clock at 10:00, showers push past the golden gate bridge. as we get into 2:00 p.m. on tuesday, we'll start to see action here in the south bay. really not expecting much precipitation south of the golden gate bridge until early tuesday, tuesday afternoon. then that system clears out of here. wednesday into thursday, marla, look at that warm-up. >> 69. >> to 80. >> then break out beach gear, just not quite when we want to for the unofficial start of summertime. >> we'll get through it just fine. thanks, christina, have a great weekend. special first pitch of tonight's giants game. we'll tell you about it after the break. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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so do we have any sharks fans watching us right now. the sharks are back in san jose on the brink of elimination.
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they lost to the los angeles kings last night 3-0 putting them down in the series 3-2. game six will be held at the shark tank on sunday. the puck drop still has not been announced in terms of what time. from the ice to the diamond, the giants there at home kicking off a three-game series against the colorado rockies. throwing out tonight's first pitch is a very special woman from the east bay who was featured in one of our bay area proud series, barbara, the founder of kiss the toad chris wragges. a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to make children battling life threatening illness or injuries smile. to make them smile. since 2008 she has sewn superhero capes. we'll introduce after the break.
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it is memorial day weekend. while that means the unofficial start of the summer and
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barbecues, also time for the country's top spellers to show the country what they can do. next month 86th national spelling bee kicks off near washington, d.c. among the students competing this seventh grate-grader from cup tina. she goes to sam h. lawson middle school. while she doesn't have any tradition before a spelling bee she likes to have a milkshake before the competition, if available. >> i think in elementary school i started in fourth grade. so when i got home i signed up, then i started getting interested. >> good for her. now an eighth-grader from iron horse middle school, that's in san ramon, is also taking part in this event. $50,000 up for grabs at this year's spelling bee. we absolutely wish both of them the best. can you spell friday? >> yes, i can purchase
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f-r-i-d-a-y. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00.
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